Stories from the 2016 Finger Lakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute

We asked over 25 attendees to share their stories and perspectives.

The Finger Lakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute is an annual event hosted by the Center for Transformative Action.

The Center for Transformative Action helps create communities that are socially just, ecologically sound, and work for everyone. CTA does this through educational programs, and by supporting system-changing projects with incubator and fiscal sponsorship services. CTA projects work to transform the structures, as well as the habits of mind, that produce inequities in our communities, country, and the world. Through their innovative methods, as well as their successes and challenges, they show us what is possible.

CTA is an educational non-profit organization affiliated with Cornell University.

Ryan Clover-Owens

Director, Durland Alternatives Library & Web Designer

Jim Armstrong

Good for Business & Climate Changers

Yael Saar

Founder, Mama's Comfort Camp

David Rayudu

Hamilton Catalyst

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What is Social Entrepreneurship?
Social Entrepreneurs define what it means to them.


2016 FLSEI Recap

The 5th annual Finger Lakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute took place November 11-13, 2016 in Ithaca, NY.
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We asked leaders of CTA projects:

How has the Center for Transformative Action supported you?
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Elliot Wells

President, Board of Directors, Ithaca Generator

Selena Ragland


Charles Ruffin

Chef, WellVentions

"By creating a plan for social entrepreneurship... you're creating a platform and methods and systems so that kindness can be sustained."

Yael Saar, Founder, Mama's Comfort Camp

Dr. Tristan MacLean

Program Director, Keep on Questioning

2016 Finger Lakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute Recap

Explore the 2016 event in photos.

"The Center for Transformative Action gives flight to people's dreams. We add incentive to dream but also some base in reality."

Andy Yale, Center for Transformative Action Board Member

Andy Yale

Member, Board of Directors, Center for Transformative Action & Retired Teacher

Erik Lehman

Founder, Game Changer & Game Changer Movement

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from the Finger Lakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute

Monipel Owusua Ansong

Hubert Humphrey Fellow

Susan Rausch

Owner, Camp Earth Connection

Theresa Bowick

Captain, Conkey Cruisers

Jordan Ross

Pets Empower

Helen Xiomara Trejo

Graduate Student, Apparel Design

Joey Diana Gates

Project Coordinator, Dish Truck

Nidia Trejo

Intern, Ithaca Wastewater Treatment Facility

Erica Marx

Confidence Coach

Abel McSurely Bradshaw

Community Organizer

Jeremy Peden-Dorsey

President, Sauce-a-tude

Shaniya Bennett


Erdenebileg Batmunkh

Hubert Humphrey Fellow

Nikki Sayward

Board Secretary, Dish Truck

Kirby Edmonds

Partner, TFC Associates & Senior Fellow and Program Coordinator, Dorothy Cotton Institute

Jay Friedlander

College of the Atlantic

Joy Bergfalk

Executive Director, Coffee Connection

Samantha Kirsch

Founder, 07631 Connect & Student, Cornell University